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It is a new month. A lot of people use this as an opportunity to turn a new leaf from the bad habits of the previous month. I am one of those people. I have acne-prone and oily skin. Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried various DIY beauty recipes to control the oiliness, scarring and breakouts that occur on a daily basis. However, I haven’t had a tried and true method that has stuck with me. I decided that this month, I was going to change that. So, I now embark on this challenge, “one mask, one month.”

What does that even mean? I have always believed in having a simple, natural skincare regimen. So far to date, I have been able to create a regimen that is simple, fast and effective at keeping my skin in check. However, I’m not seeing the results that I want in terms of the quality of my skin. Here’s the regimen that I’ll be following for the month of March:

My D.I.Y, All-Natural Skincare Routine

  • Wash with my African Black Soap Mix, at least once per day
  • Tone with my witch hazel toner, at least once per day
  • Moisturize with my facial oil, at least once per day
  • Mask with my simple mud mask, every other day

My D.I.Y, Natural Hair Routine

I’m hoping that with this regimen, I’ll be able to see a greater improvement in the quality of my skin. I’m looking to:

  • Drastically reduce scarring
  • Keep new breakouts at bay
  • Improve the tone and elasticity of my skin.

If you’d like to join me on this challenge, you can pick up the Liquid Black Soap and Cocoa Butter Cream from COCOVADO. If you’re feeling a bit ambitious, you can try making some of these items by watching some of my old Youtube videos. Wish me┬áluck!

African Black Soap (Purchase Here)

DIY Cocoa Butter Cream Tutorial (Purchase Here)

My Simple Natural Hair Regimen (Ignore the gum chewing! I was a baby Youtuber lol!)

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