Hi guys, it’s your girl Krys, and thank you for stopping by my blog! Take a moment to look around, see the sights and smell the sounds (wait, that’s not right…) and feel right at home! I started this blog in March 2017 because I felt that I could not share freely all the tips, advice, recipes and tutorials that I’ve learned over the years on my other social networks. Let’s take a quick look at how I even got started in the green living community.

I had decided to go natural as it was always a hassle for me to find a hairdresser to manage my long and thick natural hair. However, when I “went natural” I didn’t have much money to spend on expensive products that wouldn’t be able to last me. So, my Dad decided to give me $200 to go and buy a whole bunch of oils and butters for me to start making my own natural hair products. I had looked up a whole bunch of recipes online and wanted to try them all out. In my mind, I could make a whole bunch of hair care items that I could use freely on my long hair.

In 2012, I decided to document my natural hair journey on Youtube. Currently, my most watched video has close to 1 million views! This is where my love for all things green was birthed. Now that I was taking care of my hair naturally, I wanted to find out what other things I could replace around the house with a natural, Earth-friendly alternative. Boy did I find a lot of stuff!

A couple year’s after I started my Youtube channel, my parents got divorced. This greatly impacted me and I make the decision to leave Youtube. It was also at this time that – in my opinion – Youtube became more commercial. The love for sharing information was replaced by people hawking their sponsorships on the platform. It really wasn’t my cup of tea anymore.

Fast forward to 2016, I wanted to jump back onto the Youtube train, but quickly realized that the game had changed. Feeling a little bit hurt, I decided to use Instagram as a way to interact with and reach out to others in the green living space, and that’s how this blog came into being!

I quickly discovered that my captions were running SUPER LONG on my posts, but I still had so much to share! I made the decision to start a blog where I could add multiple photos, links, videos and much more than what other social networks provided me; and here we are now. On my blog, you’ll find information pertaining to everything green: beauty, skincare, cooking and green living. You’ll also learn more about me, Krys! How exciting!

In addition to being a green living enthusiast, I’m  the lead designer at NOYADESIGNS. NOYA is a Brampton-based digital marketing firm that I started in 2008. We specialize in: web design, graphic design, social media, photography and videography.

Now that you know why you’re here, let’s get connected! Follow me on Instagram, like my Facebook page and subscribe to my new Youtube channel! I hope that this blog can be a resource for you to make your life more green. And if nothing at all, always remember, to live your life, and be yourself… NATURALLY!