COCOVADO Giveaway: Taking the First Step

COCOVADO Giveaway June 15, 2017, Visit @hellococovado on Instagram for a chance to win BIG!

Today I did something big. Something that I didn’t think I’d actually do. I started an Instagram giveway. The first COCOVADO giveaway. I don’t even have that many contacts or followers or anything. COCOVADO is a pretty new Instagram account. However, I think that this just might work!

The road to starting COCOVADO has been a long one. It originally started when I made a huge batch of butters and scrubs for Mother’s Day at my church True Vine Ministries. After that, people were asking me for my recipe. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t give it to anyone (however, truth be told you could find most of the ingredients and method in this Youtube video ;-)) But since that video was published, I’ve tweaked the recipe added and taken things away, you get the whole drift.

This year was the year that I decided, “You know what, I want to make money off of this thing. It works, it smells good, it’s all-natural… why the hell not?!”. So I did it, and here we are today! So, today I ran my first giveaway, hopefully the start of many COCOVADO giveaways. It was something that I didn’t think I would ever do: put myself and something that I love truly out there.

For the full contest rules of the COCOVADO giveaway, you can check them out over at the COCOVADO blog here. Take the first step; make your move.

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